5 ways cooking could change in the next 5 years


Biospheres hanging from the kitchen ceiling never really took off, did they? So where next for cooking? Adventures in a culinary landscape Stuck in a cooking rut? Time to reinvigorate what we cook – to think outside the (processed food) box. A handful of ants, some seaweed and a stem cell beefburger created in a lab, followed by a spider soufflé. Gross? Perhaps. But ‘fake’ meat will leave our consciences clear and create a better carbon footprint. Foodstuff shortages will be a reality – for example, we now eat so much cocoa that The Financial Times predicts there may be… Read more »

How online changes the role of grocery stores?


Editors note: Arhi Kivilahti is a guest writer (@ArhiKivilahti). He is a consultant at Solita Oy. Before joining Solita, he was a post-doctoral researcher in Aalto University with a research interest on technological innovations and more specifically the online retail market. Arhi has studied the UK online grocery retail market in close collaboration with researchers from the Saïd Business School (University of Oxford). The rapid growth of Amazon and the online retailing in general has initiated a flurry of discussion about the future of the big grocery stores. Some have even questioned the long-term viability of the big stores. The… Read more »

Worlds apart: How grocery shopping habits differ around the globe


With vast differences in worldwide trends in cookery, housekeeping, spending patterns, and, indeed, disposable income, it’s no wonder that the apparently mundane task of grocery shopping is a decidedly various beast from one part of the globe to the next. So how do our overseas neighbours set about stocking their pantries? Living in America In the USA, like the UK, online grocery shopping is getting more and more popular. Not only are all the big supermarket chains jostling to get in on the action, but Amazon itself is bucking to invade our kitchens. With almost a quarter of households having… Read more »

Foodie.fm expands online grocery business in the United Kingdom

The Southern Co-operative

Digital Foodie partners with The Southern Co-operative to trial a Click & Collect service HELSINKI (11th December 2013) – Digital Foodie, creator of the award winning Foodie.fm platform, and The Southern Co-operative (TSC), an independent food retail co-operative trading across the south of England, have established a partnership to trial Click & Collect services. TSC is testing a Click & Collect service based on Foodie Local, a new online self-service platform currently piloting in the UK. The core of the service is a storefront built on Foodie’s behavioural recommendation engine. Foodie offers shoppers personalised product and food recommendations that are… Read more »

Evolution of online groceries


Editors note: Arhi Kivilahti is a guest writer (@ArhiKivilahti). He is a post-doctoral researcher in the Aalto University with a research interest on technological innovations and more specifically the online retail market. Arhi has studied the UK online grocery retail market in close collaboration with researchers from the Saïd Business School (University of Oxford). The present business models of online grocery retailing utilizing traditional stores alongside the dotcom stores for more efficient collection is a result of nearly 20 years of active development. Even though Tesco is the unrivaled king of online grocery retailing in the world, the influence of… Read more »

Foodie.fm online groceries expands to the Baltics


Digital Foodie partners with Prisma Peremarket and open a Collect & Go service in Estonia HELSINKI (25th November 2013) – Digital Foodie, the creator of the award winning Foodie.fm platform, and Prisma Peremarket, a retail chain operating in Estonia, have established a co-operation and open a Collect & Go service in Estonia. Prisma Peremarket deploys Foodie Product Suite that includes consumer facing online services, in-store picking and quality tools. The core of the suite is the multichannel storefront built around Foodie’s behavioural recommendation engine. For consumers Foodie offers personalised product and food recommendations that are seamlessly linked to shopping online…. Read more »

Veggie-busting: 5 silly misconceptions about vegetarians


“Vegetarians, and their Hezbollah-like splinter faction, the vegans … are the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit.” Anthony Bourdain Ah the irony. In the early nineteenth century, one keen advocate of vegetarianism was called Reverend William Cowherd. Followers were known as Cowherdites, but it’s not as daft as some of the beliefs people have about non-meat eaters. Vegetarians are all weak, anaemic and barely able to clamber off the sofa – right? The mighty gorilla is a veggie. Huge, strong, bright-eyed and able to take care of itself in a tough jungle environment.  Anyone who pursues… Read more »

The amazing way grocery shopping habits have changed in the last 100 years

supermarket 1950s

Socially, scientifically, technologically and economically, the world’s undergone dramatic shifts in the past century — including, not least, the very ways in which we stock our kitchen cupboards. Far from a dull, if needful, chore, the humble grocery run is, in fact, a fascinating indicator of a number of significant cultural shifts. Hold onto your trollies and we’ll take a closer look… Small is beautiful If we zoom right back to 1913, the very shops themselves shrink, because the supermarket itself barely existed in any meaningful way until the 1920s and 1930s: small stores where the grocer handled all the… Read more »

The incredibly sweet history of the birthday cake


A sweet tooth is a natural human instinct and has been around even before a brave caveman first stuck his hairy primitive hand into a beehive, licked his fingers and grunted his approval. But when and why did we learn to bake for celebration? It’s all Greek to me – or Roman, Egyptian or Norse Scholars are still debating which great civilisation invented cake itself (or whatever it was called at that time – because it certainly wasn’t called cake). The Greeks of course, known for farming gorgeous honey, made sweet honeyied offerings (called plakous or satura) to the moon… Read more »

5 myths about online food shopping busted


Online shopping is vastly outstripping its real-life equivalent in some areas of retail—books, DVDs and music being the most high-profile examples—and, according to the Institute of Grocery Distribution, online grocery shopping is expected to follow suit. In fact, the entire grocery industry is predicted to boom in the next five years, with a forecasted growth of 21.3% by 2018, which ought to take its value from £169.7bn to £205.9bn, and IGD claim that online food shopping will be one of the main channels driving that growth. It’s on the up, then Yet in the meantime, many people are still wary… Read more »