Digital Foodie launches Foodie Loyalty and helps Prisma Peremarket to extend their loyalty program to mobile

Digital Foodie, the creator of the award winning platform, expands its product suite with a new product, Foodie Loyalty. Foodie Loyalty is first launched in Estonia in co-operation with Prisma Peremarket. Foodie Loyalty brings retailer’s loyalty card into mobile and web environments. It offers a unified and real time access for consumers to view their loyalty information, bonus balance, shopping history and promotions where ever they are. Foodie Loyalty also includes the ability to login using retailer’s loyalty card number making signing-in easy and fast. Foodie Loyalty is seamlessly integrated to retailer’s loyalty database as well as other functionalities… Read more »

Digital Foodie and GS1 Finland signed a partnering agreement to launch a data verification service

Digital Foodie, creator of the award winning platform, has expanded its product portfolio with a new product, Foodie Verification, and signed a partnering agreement with GS1 Finland to provide data verification service for grocery products. GS1 Finland is an organization that maintains and develops standards for supply chain and provides national product information data pool for retailers and supply chains. Digital Foodie is the service provider for product data verification and enhancement service that GS1 provides for their grocery retail customers, logistics partners and product manufacturers. Through the service Foodie will inspect and ensure integrity of product information of tens… Read more »

HOK-Elanto opens Finland’s first drive-in lane for groceries with Digital Foodie

Finland’s first drive-in lane for picking up online grocery orders opens today in Helsinki by HOK-Elanto, the co-operative grocery chain, part of S group. Shoppers will now be able to drive straight through the collection point, making online grocery shopping even easier, faster and hassle-free. Along with home deliveries, click and collect is an increasingly popular service. The new drive-in lane will make shopping even quicker than before. Drive-in is an extension to the store’s already existing click and collect and home delivery services operated with Foodie’s Delivery solution. With the online service, customers are able to place an order… Read more »

Digital Foodie and HOK-Elanto open dark store in Finland to fuel the growth of online groceries

Digital Foodie, creator of the award winning platform, and HOK-Elanto, the co-operative grocery chain, part of S group, are opening with Alepa chain the first online-only dark store for groceries in Vantaa, Finland. The dark store uses Foodie’s fulfillment and picking solution and caters exclusively the growing online grocery business. The online grocery business has achieved an impressive average growth of 100% during the last two years in Finland. Opening an online-only store is a needed response by HOK-Elanto to meet the growing demand from customers. Most of the picking operations within the capital region will gradually be transferred… Read more »

Digital Foodie launches grocery collection service at Helsinki Airport – first in Nordics

Digital Foodie, creator of the award winning platform, and HOK-Elanto co-operative grocery chain are introducing a unique service by launching an airport grocery collection solution at Helsinki Airport.  With the online service, customers are now able to place an order, choose the pickup time and in real time follow the progress of the order. After stepping off the plane, customers can collect their shopping bags from chilled pickup lockers in Helsinki Airport’s Alepa store. The store uses Foodie’s Delivery module to pick the orders. The specially manufactured refrigerator and freezer lockers open by entering a customer-specific code that… Read more » helps Prisma improve in-store quality and customer experience in Russia

Digital Foodie, creator of the award winning platform, and OOO Prisma, a retail chain operating in Russia, have established a partnership to improve customer experience and in-store quality in their Prisma stores. After a pilot phase, Prisma introduced Foodie Quality to all their 17 stores to seamlessly integrate quality management into their daily store man¬agement routine. Foodie Quality offers a systematic and professional way of accomplishing the in-store quality checking. It is an iPad-based tool for checking, reporting and monitoring quality of the store. The checking is done by walking through the store with the iPad and answering to… Read more »

Case study: Improvement of quality in St. Petersburg’s Prisma stores with Foodie Quality

Continuous improvement of in-store quality and customer experience in St. Petersburg’s Prisma stores with Foodie Quality Retailing is all about great customer experience and there are numerous small details in the retail store that are essential for customer satisfaction. An outstanding customer experience is crucial in building customer satisfaction and increasing sales. This case study explains how OOO Prisma, a retail chain operating in Russia, uses a product created by Digital Foodie to seamlessly integrate quality management into their daily store management routine. Quality management thinking and management of the customer journey in the store has played a significant role… Read more »

5 ways cooking could change in the next 5 years


Biospheres hanging from the kitchen ceiling never really took off, did they? So where next for cooking? Adventures in a culinary landscape Stuck in a cooking rut? Time to reinvigorate what we cook – to think outside the (processed food) box. A handful of ants, some seaweed and a stem cell beefburger created in a lab, followed by a spider soufflé. Gross? Perhaps. But ‘fake’ meat will leave our consciences clear and create a better carbon footprint. Foodstuff shortages will be a reality – for example, we now eat so much cocoa that The Financial Times predicts there may be… Read more »

How online changes the role of grocery stores?


Editors note: Arhi Kivilahti is a guest writer (@ArhiKivilahti). He is a consultant at Solita Oy. Before joining Solita, he was a post-doctoral researcher in Aalto University with a research interest on technological innovations and more specifically the online retail market. Arhi has studied the UK online grocery retail market in close collaboration with researchers from the Saïd Business School (University of Oxford). The rapid growth of Amazon and the online retailing in general has initiated a flurry of discussion about the future of the big grocery stores. Some have even questioned the long-term viability of the big stores. The… Read more »

Worlds apart: How grocery shopping habits differ around the globe


With vast differences in worldwide trends in cookery, housekeeping, spending patterns, and, indeed, disposable income, it’s no wonder that the apparently mundane task of grocery shopping is a decidedly various beast from one part of the globe to the next. So how do our overseas neighbours set about stocking their pantries? Living in America In the USA, like the UK, online grocery shopping is getting more and more popular. Not only are all the big supermarket chains jostling to get in on the action, but Amazon itself is bucking to invade our kitchens. With almost a quarter of households having… Read more »